The six medical secrets of weight loss success


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A weight loss program designed and delivered by doctors

Hi, and congratulations for finding the solution to your weight loss problems.

I’m Dr James Freeman, Founder of The Weight Loss GP, a medically-validated program purpose-built to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. It’s worth noting up front that I’m not just a doctor – I’m a doctor who’s actually been where you are right now. In my younger years, I was overweight, bullied at school, and miserable.

Using the knowledge gained from my medical studies and a bit of common sense, I managed to break the pattern, lose the weight, and regain my life – and now I’m passionate about helping others do the same with the latest clinical research and medication.

No fad diets, long gym sessions or pushy personal trainers 

The 6 Medical Secrets of Weight Loss Success distills the latest weight loss research and medication advice into a series of 6 easy to follow steps.  The great thing is you choose the steps.  Some of our patients have followed just two steps and still achieved great results.  Find out the tips and tricks that the weight loss industry isn’t telling you.  Download a free sample of the Ebook below

How medication can help or hurt your weight loss goals 

The Next Size Down program includes a thorough medication review. Many common medications can actually hinder weight loss, including oral contraceptives, anti depressants and painkillers.  On the flip side,  your weight loss GP will assess your suitability for a range of prescription only medication (medication that can only be prescribed by a doctor) that can assist you in your weight loss journey

Download a free Ebook sample

Find out how medication can hurt or help your weight loss goals

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The Six Medical Secrets of Weight Loss Success Ebook

Learn the secrets the weight loss industry isn't telling you

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The complete Next Size Down program

Includes the Ebook and a medication assessment with an Australian GP

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How does talking a GP online about weight loss work?

Actually, talking to a GP via video online couldn’t be simpler.  Next Size Down is powered by GP2U, Australia’s premier online (video) GP service, used by over 20,000 patients every year.  Your initial consultation will include a detailed look at your health and weight loss history and a thorough medication review as outlined above.  Your doctor consultations can be done from the privacy and comfort of your home, anywhere in Australia, on your smart device (phone/tablet) or computer.

It’s simple, discrete and private


Our doctors are here to answer your questions

Do you have weight loss questions but don’t know who to ask.  How can medication help you? What are simple exercises you do do around the house? What is the perfect mix of fats, proteins and carbs?

 Our doctors have helped hundreds of people just like you achieve their weight loss goals.   Reach out with your weight loss questions today. 

What our patients are saying about us

I have 2 babies and I find it really hard to get to my GP. I found GP2U to be really convenient and the doctors that you provided where really helpful. I will continue to use GP2U, I think they are fantastic!

Efficient, effective, timeous, genuinely interested and well informed.

Great Service for people who can’t get to GP or feel uncomfortable with GP.  My doctor was extremely nice and understand

Professional, convenient, secure and reasonably priced Gp service. Gives such peace of mind.

Fantastic service.  Friendly doctors, easy to book appointment, no waiting times and all done from home.  I would highly recommend to anyone.

Great service.  The doctors are lovely and very willing to help. Very happy with my experience.


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Be aware of how medication can hurt OR help your efforts

There are a range of medications that can restrict your ability to lose weight. Perhaps you’re on one of them and don’t even know! On the flip-side, there are also some medications that can help you lose weight. Of course, all medications have both effects and side effects, so if you’re contemplating trying them, please work with a doctor who can monitor you closely.